The first world-wide payment hub

This Universal Payment Hub is proprietary technology that allows a company to integrate its online payment software with virtually any credit card gateway or ACH payment processor around the world. With this new technology, every business in the world is a viable prospect for your company.

The Universal Payment Hub can save your company thousands of dollars! With one, single integration your company can connect to an unlimited number of processors anywhere in the world. Developing and maintaining custom integrations for each processor is a thing of the past. Think of the time and money your organization will save not having to research, design, develop and maintain integrations which differ greatly from one to another and can change frequently. One connection is all you need to connect to an entire world of real-time payment processors.

A great competitive advantage!

Businesses can now collect funds in their local currency and deposit them in their local banks allowing you to provide your International customers with the same services you offer domestically. This also greatly reduces or eliminates costs incurred with currency exchange when moving money from one country to another.

With Cart Connect's background and over a decade of experience developing payment-processing systems, you know this is a technology you can trust!

Major benefits

  • Every business is a viable prospect when you can integrate your online applications with any merchant account in the world
  • Integrate your software with any payment processor, anywhere in the world.
  • International merchants can use local payment processors, charge in local currencies and deposit in local banks.
  • Integrate with an unlimited number of processors with a single setup.
  • Our technology provides a cost effective solution.
Infusionsoft customers, find out how Cart Connect can integrate your preferred payment processor with your Infusionsoft account.

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"When our company had finally decided all was lost trying to integrate our software with our local Canadian bank, we discovered Cart Connect ...

Not only did Cart Connect meet our expectations but they far exceeded them. I just wish all companies worked as well and did their due diligence like Cart Connect did and does."

Shannon Kulchyski
Results Enterprises Inc