Infusionsoft Integrations

Cart Connect can integrate Infusionsoft with any payment processor that accepts a direct, server-to-server integration.

Once installed in your infusionsoft account, the integration is invisible to you as the Infusionsoft user, as well as to your customers. You will simply be processing credit card payments through your preferred payment processor.

The cost of our custom integration service is dependent on the complexity of the integration. Please contact us to request a quote.

Online payments can be very confusing. Whether we build an integration for you or not, we can increase your understanding of payment processing so you can identify the best solution to meet your specific needs!


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What processors can Cart Connect integrate with?

What is a "direct, server-to-server" connection?

How can I know if you can connect to my desired processor?

How long does it take to build an integration?

What do I need to get started?

What will I need to get from my payment processor?

Do I have to have my Infusionsoft account set up and running?

How much does it cost to build the custom integration?

Why is there a monthly service fee and what is it for?

How much is the monthly service fee?

“CartConnect has been an absolute godsend. They helped me connect Infusionsoft and Stripe - no hassles, everything just worked! I'm now getting my client payments into my bank quickly, with minimal fees and with full tracking and CRM functionality to back it up.

Contact Cart Connect if you want your systems to 'just work' - without the pain and suffering most system integration projects cause."

Fiona Fell
Leads to Clients